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Why Repair the Ambassador Bridge?

Posted in Michigan Eminent Domain, National Eminent Domain, Ohio Eminent Domain
  Jack Lessenberry suggests that the eminent domain will take care of the Ambassador Bridge safety issues. Realistically, the government of the United States or Canada should be allowed to properly determine whether there are safety issues with the existing Ambassador Bridge. Just as realistically, Mr. Moroun desires to build a new bridge as a… Continue Reading

TransCanada Makes a Positive Move

Posted in National Eminent Domain
The TransCanada pipeline has been the fight of the decade in the eminent domain arena. Some Nebraska residents and environmentalists have been central opponents to this project premised upon the Oligala Acquifer and the environmental damage created by oil. Without taking a position in this, this blog senses that TransCanada recognizes that it can only… Continue Reading

Landowners Do Not Always Win

Posted in Articles, National Eminent Domain
The Illinois Enbridge cases have created substantial publicity and hostility in the community. Because of the problems in Michigan, Enbridge is treated as the “goat” of all condemnation authorities. Realistically, once Enbridge obtains its power to acquire from the state or federal regulatory authorities, condemnation will occur. The issue is then one solely of damages.… Continue Reading

Balancing Federalism and Claims of Federal Control of Private Property

Posted in Michigan Eminent Domain, National Eminent Domain, Ohio Eminent Domain
  Rick Hills and Ilya Somin, two of the most respected Property Professors in the country, raise an interesting conflict as to whether the federal courts are the proper forum for the determination of state acquisitions utilizing the power of eminent domain. Given this author, Alan Ackerman, as a Michigan and Florida practitioner, one should… Continue Reading

Title Disputes In Eminent Domain

Posted in National Eminent Domain
The St. Louis Public Radio article discussing the dispute over who owns the “McKee parcels” is a prime example of how an eminent domain statute is to work when title disputes exist. Almost every State has a procedure in which all parties who may have an interest in the property are notified of the condemnation,… Continue Reading

Raisins and Takings; An Interesting Mix

Posted in National Eminent Domain
The required set-aside for raisins, created by 1930’s legislation, is now met with the issue of whether a required set-aside is constitutionally infirm. I am surprised that the Solicitor General did not take the position that this akin to a “tax” and therefore a valid part of legislative process. This would fall in line with… Continue Reading

To Fight or Not to Fight: The Pipeline

Posted in National Eminent Domain, Ohio Eminent Domain, Uncategorized
The Toledo Blade offers an interesting conflict on the pipeline challenges. Without question, owners do not want the pipelines. Equally without question, the owners do not want to “give” up their property for nothing. Michael Braunstein, a noted and respected lawyer in Ohio, maintains that it is important that people obtain lawyers to fight for… Continue Reading

Can Chrysler Expand in Toledo Without Eminent Domain

Posted in National Eminent Domain, Ohio Eminent Domain
Prior to the post-Kelo limitation on eminent domain proceedings for private benefit, the Jeep Plant could have continued an expansion contemplated years ago through eminent domain. However, the limitations set by the Ohio Court decisions has required an alternative method of obtaining property. This is called the market. In all likelihood, Jeep will do what… Continue Reading

Michigan Supreme Court Finding That Public Pension Plans Are Not A Property Right Has Important Relevance to Municipal Bankruptcy

Posted in Michigan Eminent Domain, National Eminent Domain
In the recent Michigan Supreme Court decision opposing the changes to the Michigan pension system for teachers, the Supreme Court has found that “just compensation” is not to apply. This likely will mean that in the case of a future community bankruptcy in Michigan, the pension will not be a protected property right in Federal… Continue Reading

Outstanding Appraiser Article

Posted in National Eminent Domain
Bill Rothman, an experienced Pennsylvania appraiser, provided an outstanding appraiser discussion about eminent domain. Mr. Rothman describes the process under which individuals deal with pipeline eminent domain actions in Pennsylvania. Reading this article offers an interesting outline of issues for individuals losing property to an acquiring agency. Mr. Rothman provided an interesting alternative offering of… Continue Reading

Posted in National Eminent Domain
  Missoula may indeed have a right to acquire and control the privately owned water utility. But the simple argument that “this is owned by out of state people who will sell to other out of state people” does not properly deal with the issues of what is best for the community and what is… Continue Reading

Mackinac City Moves Forward with Eminent Domain

Posted in Michigan Eminent Domain, National Eminent Domain
After years of bickering with local property owner(s), the City of Mackinac is now attempting to acquire the “coal dock” property by eminent domain. This is something which will effect far more than a simple individual property in the community.   The City of Mackinac Island has filed a lawsuit in 11th Circuit Court… Continue Reading

Nexus is Not Rover

Posted in Michigan Eminent Domain, National Eminent Domain
  Attached is the Nexus Gas Transmission Project Overview Map, Timing and Regulatory Process Information. The Nexus line will terminate at Willow Run. This is because there is another line which traverses from Willow Run through other lines into Sarnia, Ontario. At this time, the plan contemplates the filing of an application seeking FERC approval… Continue Reading

St. Louis Going the Wrong Way?

Posted in National Eminent Domain
The St. Louis Council has approved a proposed major project which would allegedly save 3,000 jobs in St. Louis. In reading the article, one is excited that St. Louis is worried about economic development, but concerned that there is no real blight that is being eradicated. This concern is exacerbated by she final comment that… Continue Reading